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When binoculars are lightweight but powerful, you’re going to take them with you on your travels. Once you have the right set of travel binoculars you suddenly realise how much you were missing out on when you just relied on the naked eye.

There’s lot to consider if you’ve just started your search.  So you might start of with taking into account where it is that you’re travelling to. A beach holiday or the rainforest is going to mean that waterproof housing and anti-fogging is going to be important.  If you’re backpacking then you’re going to need something which is tough enough to cope with being bounced around in a rucksack.  Then think about whether you need to focus in on small details or whether you need to see the wider picture because that’s going to influence the magnification you choose.  Remember though that the higher magnifications really benefit from being on a tripod.  Find out more on the right technical spec with our Buyers Guide.

Miami panorama

Weight may also be an important consideration.  If you’re flying budget then you’re likely to have a pretty tight luggage allowance so lightweight will be important.  If you’re on a road trip then it’s probably going to be less important. 

Is this a one off trip or an annual event? For a one off  trip into the hills you might want to consider a lower budget but if this is going to be a regular event then you might want to consider spending a little more for a set of binoculars which are going to last year after year.

So definitely take the time to think about what you needs are from your travel binoculars then take a look at our top picks below.

Our Choice of Travel Binoculars